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Which hot water system is right for you?

How do you know which hot water system is
best suited for your living situation?

At Sunpower we recommend a rate of 20 gallons of hot water per person per day. The annual saving versus electric heaters is approximately $1,759.30 @ 0.47 per kW/h. Therefore solar systems pay for themselves in less than 20 months.

Select the tab below which suits your family or living situation to see what your system will cost.

Also Ask About These Other Products

Aquabion (Limescale reducer)
We recommended that you purchase the AB-S15 or Ab-S20 Aquabion lonizer to reduce buildup of limescale within the system, thereby extending your systems’ product life.

It also helps to reduce your maintenance costs. It is easy to install and gives long term protection of all kinds of water pipes.

It helps with the protection of fittings, taps, washing machines and dishwashers.
Water Storage Systems
A water storage system gives you hours of water supply when your main supply has been interrupted as a result of inclement weather or burst mains etcetera!

We supply a range of water storage systems at very competitive prices.
Call our Sales Representatives today to find out which storage system will be perfect for you.

"We have had a Sunpower water heater for 10 years and it works perfect. We have serviced our system on two occasions and each time the staff was very prompt and courteous. This is what I like about them. We got a great product and have loved it ever since then."

Ann Martindale - Sunpower customer 10 yrs
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