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The most on the job experience in the industry

Excellent for commercial and residential applications

You will find there are many benefits to installing a solar hot water system in your home or business

Environmentally friendly – solar is green , clean and a source of free renewable energy.

Saves money – cuts down on electricity consumption and pays for itself over a period of time.

Low maintenance – high quality aluminum material resistant to scratching and corrosion used in Sunpower’s products ensures that after the start up cost, you have many years of maintenance free service.

Start living a greener lifestyle today and join the long list of other satisfied Sunpower solar hot water system users. 

These applications include:-
Homes of all sizes
Food industries (bakeries, frozen and fresh food industries)
Flight kitchens
Supermarkets and their packaging departments
Small businesses i.e. making jams, seasonings, pastry etc.
Catering industry – preparing for all social functions, business meetings, weddings etc.
Hospitals and clinics
All size hotels
Apartment buildings
Beauty salons
Dairy industry

Goddard Enterprises

Golden View Hotel

Sandy Bay Hotel



We have had a Sunpower water heater for 10 years and it works perfect. We have serviced our system on two occasions and each time the staff was very prompt and courteous. This is what I like about them. We got a great product and have loved it eversince then.

Ann Martindale - Sunpower customer 10 yrs
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