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Are you planning to install a Hot Water System?

Involve your architect or your Sunpower sales representative at the design stage for guidance in choosing the right size system. It is important to consider the size of the property, the number of people using the system as well as the aesthetics.

If you prefer not to have the tank on the roof, you'll need a pump system. Your architect or contractor must be advised by Sunpower about the appropriate electrical and plumbing specifications to be incorporated into the designs. The roof designs must be able to accommodate the fittings in terms of leaving sufficient clear space around the panels and fixing them to the roof.

Remember to consider your plumbing system, as pipes running in excess of 30 feet to your kitchen or bathrooms will lose heat efficiency.

Here are some tips to help you get the best out of your solar hot water system

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why am I receiving only a trickle of water from hot taps?
If a pressure reducing valve is installed on the system, this can be blocked with limescale or rust. Or blockage of pipes.

Does Sunpower service other brands?
Yes, Sunpower services ALL brands.

How soon will Sunpower visit after I’ve placed a service call?
Allow 1-3 Sunpower business days.

Why is my immersion heater (booster switch) not producing hot water immediately?
Allow 1hr without using any hot water, this provides the element with sufficient time to heat the water in the tank.

Why is my system not producing hot water within an adequate timeframe with good weather conditions?
Possible mixing between the hot and cold water pipes due to faulty faucet, or excessive usage.

Why am I receiving hot water from one tap and not the other?
Could be limescale build up or stuff collecting in tap

Why is water pouring off my roof?
The normal function of the T & P Valve is to lift and release excess hot water, thereby relieving pressure in the tank which would otherwise cause damage to the tank.

We have had a Sunpower water heater for 10 years and it works perfect. We have serviced our system on two occasions and each time the staff was very prompt and courteous. This is what I like about them. We got a great product and have loved it eversince then.

Ann Martindale - Sunpower customer 10 yrs
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