The Facts

Get the facts right about Solar Heating Systems

There are numerous benefits of using solar energy to heat water, here are a few you can reap by switching to an eco-friendly alternative:

Energy Savings

The main benefit of a Solar Water Heating System is that you get hot water without having to continually pay for electricity or gas to heat it.

A typical family of 4 will use approximately 20 US gallons of hot water per person each day and that makes it about 80 US gallons each day (4 x 20 = 80US gallons per day).

The cost of purchasing and installing an electric heater is approximately $796.00 with an additional cost of approximately $1551.00 per year in electricity. In contrast purchasing and installing an 80 gallon solar system costing approximately $4000.00 (one time investment) results in annual savings of approximately $1759.30. (BDS$0.47 per kw/hr). Therefore, solar systems pay for themselves in less than 20 months.

US$1.00 = BDS$2.00 *the above example is in Barbados $

Ideal for all kinds of applications

Sunpower Hot Water Systems are ideal for many applications, and are used successfully by many hotels, restaurants, and other industries.

How your Sunpower Hot Water System works to harness the power of nature

Your Sunpower Hot Water System works on a natural convection phenomenon called ‘Thermosyphon’ which is based on the principle that hot water rises while cold water falls. At the beginning of the process, cold water in the storage tank falls to the bottom of the storage panels, where it is heated by the sun. Heated water will then rise through the copper absorber tubes, continuing to be heated until it leaves the collector panel, where it is stored in the tank until ready for the household needs.

Inside your Sunpower Hot Water System. Why is it Superior to the rest?

Sunpower’s superiority lies in our material. Aluminium is used for covering tanks and the construction of collector enclosures, ensuring a high quality non-scratch, non-corrosive protective finish, which guarantees long system life. This material is particularly resistant to corrosion from sea air. Additionally, only the highest international graded copper is used to construct our originally designed panels, as this ensures superior performance from our solar units.

The outstanding quality of our engineering is also critical to the superiority of our systems, characterized by: simplicity, originality and high performance.

The smaller tube of other products will cause faster lime blockage and shorter product life. Ours last longer.

The thickness and tube contact of our copper fin produces a better conductor for heating water, and this gives a faster heat to water transfer rate. We save you heating time!

We use more copper, as this gives a longer product life, better heat transfer and less hassle with service maintenance. We provide exceptional customer service and quality products to save you time and money.

This ensures a cost effective system and fulfils our goal of supplying our customers with the very best performance for dollars spent.

Designed by Engineers built by Craftsmen

Each and every system that Sunpower installs, is made with due diligence and finesse. Here’s just a little more details about the making of our products because we believe that knowledge is power.

  • Electric standby booster element for use on inclement days
  • Hot water outlet
  • Cold water inlet
  • Full size 5/8 in. O.D. copper tubing on 6 ¾ in. centre continuously soldered to black painted copper absorber plate.
  • 2in. fiberglass insulation under absorber plate and sides of panel to minimize heat loss.
  • Clear float glass protects the solar collector from weather and heat dissipation. Sealed on all edges with EPDM (weather resistant)
  • 20 gauge corrosion resistant, marine quality aluminium.
  • Hot water rising into storage tank
  • 2in. high density polyurethane foam insulation ensures maximum water temperature overnight.
  • Steel water storage tank glass lined for long life.

The thickness and tube contact of our copper fin produces a better conductor for heating water

The smaller tube like this one of our competitors' will cause faster lime blockage and shorter product life. Ours last longer. You save on maintenance.