We Can Service All Types And Brands Of Solar Water Heaters

Caring for your Sunpower System

Just as it does in your kettle (in Barbados), limescale will build up in the tubes of your solar hot water system’s collector panels as well. These should be removed and serviced every four to six years to ensure peak performance of the collector.

There is a Magnesium Anode within the tank that protects it. It is recommended that this be replaced every four years to ensure longer tank life.

This is an example of lime builds up in the pipe of the tank after a period of time.

Image 1 is showing the lime has formed a hard core almost completely blocking the pipe and Image 2 is showing lime still wet. Image 3  shows lime build up over a period of time in your water tank. Image 4 is a new magnesium anode compared to one that had been in use for seven years. Note the bare core wire.

Ideal for all kinds of applications

Sunpower Hot Water Systems are ideal for many applications, and are used successfully by many hotels, restaurants, and other industries.

Response Time

We will come and inspect your solar water heater whether it is our brand or a competitor’s to see how we can assist.

Service call response time 2-3 business days and Installation time 3-7 business days weather permitting and depends on call volume.

After Hours Assistance

Barbadian customers requiring emergency weekend service may call 436-0844. All overseas customers please contact your local distributor.

Shifting or removing equipment for roof repairs should only be done by Sunpower trained technicians. We require 2-4 business days’ notice for us to meet your request.

Terms of Warranty

All Sunpower tanks and panels are warranted for four (4) years, from the date of installation, to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal usage. In the event of such defects within the warranty period, the company will, at its option, replace or recondition the product without charge. Small components (T&P valves, elements, air vents and adaptors), carry a replacement warranty of one (1) year.

Service call visits during the first 12 months only from the date of installation of the system that are due to leaks between tanks and panels are free of charge. If the homeowner or anyone other than an employee/representative of Sunpower attempts to repair or remedy the problem, this warranty will be null and void and Sunpower cannot be held liable for any damage.

Items not covered in The Warranty

Sunpower’s warranty does not cover the following:

  • Damage to the tank and panels due to high water pressure; we have no control over the water pressure delivered by your water source.
  • Cracking or breaking of the collector glass due to malicious damage or acts of nature
  • Malicious damage, theft/larceny of the solar tank and installed equipment.

Due to frequent high pressure surges experienced in some areas of the island, we recommend that you install a Pressure Regulating valve to protect the solar system.

Should you choose not to install the recommended Pressure Regulating Valve, or have one installed from another source, and your solar equipment fails due to high water pressure during the warranty period, Sunpower warranty will not be honored.